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Home Furnishing

Hake’s Home Furnishings started in 1979 by Charles Hake. Charles started hand making cedar chests out of his York City home where he would bring his specialty for sale at flea markets and straight from his front porch. The cedar chests gained huge amounts of respect and can still be found in many York County homes today. Eventually, Charles grew into more of a custom builder with an inclination for repairs and re-finishing. As his business began to grow he was able to open his first location on Susquehanna Trail in York, Pennsylvania. Charles has always focused on great value at a great price.

Hake’s Has You Covered

Furniture is an investment piece that is meant to be an heirloom. After 30 years Hake’s still upholds it’s values as a family owned business with quality and great customer service taking top priority. We specialize in all types of furniture from early American to modern styles, while offering hand made Amish furniture to imported goods. Currently, we have over thirty different companies to accommodate every furnishing need.

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