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Chairs That Support Health and Safety

Lift chairs are the latest trend, both in living room furniture and in health and safety equipment for people who aren’t as mobile as they used to be. These chairs often recline like standard living room recliners, but have an additional mechanism that tilts them forward so the person getting in and out of them can do so into and out of a standing position. Since the invention of these chairs, their popularity has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular furniture options for older Americans and the disabled, allowing everyone the same access to relaxation in a safe way.

Different Models of Lift Chair

All lift chairs lift the user to a standing position to get up from them, because that’s what the chairs are intended to do. There are, however, various options for the level the chairs recline, which is a concern that shoppers often express when they come to us looking for supportive recliners. Here are the options we offer:

  • 2 and 3 position lift chairs: 2 position lift chairs only recline a few inches, while 3 position lift chairs recline a bit farther. Neither chair reclines as far as the infinite position chair, however, which reclines to become a fully flat surface.
  • Trendelenburg positioning lift chair: This lift chair reclines past the final position of the infinite lift chair, to a point where the users’ legs are slightly above their upper body.
  • Zero gravity lift chair: The zero gravity lift chair is a bit like the Trendelenburg, except that the reclining angle is bent slightly at the knees and the waist, allowing for a more natural comfort when used.

Special Lift Chair Pillows

Lumbar and neck support pillows are also available on some lift chair models, making the process of shopping for a lift chair for you or a family member in need more complicated than you might be prepared for. Fortunately, when you come into Hake’s Home Furnishings to see all of our furniture options, you’ll have access to a team of experts in furniture, including the different makes and models of the lift chair.

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