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High-Quality Craftsmanship at a Low Price in York

At Hake’s Home Furnishings in York, PA, we sell only the finest home furnishings, ready for when you need to replace old furniture or are simply feeling the need to redecorate. We carry a wide selection of tables, chairs, living room and dining room sets, sectionals, ottomans, and more, all reasonably priced and ready to sell. Come by, stop in, and visit our team. You’ll find that with the dedicated team at Hake’s, you get access to not only the best in high-quality and handmade furniture, but top-notch customer service, as well! Our team will take your furniture needs into account and walk you through every option so that you can make a fully informed choice on the furnishings that are right for you and your home.


High-Quality Furniture Sets

Some of the stars of our collection are our finely crafted wooden dining and living sets. Handmade wooden tables and chairs from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including local Amish furniture makers, highlight our selection of dining room sets. You’ll find dining and living sets in distinct styles, like early American, modern and handmade Amish, as well as sensible recliners and lift chairs, sofas and couches, sectionals and loveseats in multiple styles, as well. Bedroom sets including beds, wardrobes, smaller tables, and dressers round out our selection, making Hake’s Home Furnishings a name you can trust for all your home furnishings.


Decorating and Upholstery

At Hake’s Home Furnishings, we understand you want your furniture to fit a certain style, so we take pride in being knowledgeable and flexible with our selection. Want a chair in different upholstery? Just give us notice and we’ll do our best to honor your requests. That’s part of the great service you’re promised as soon as you enter our store.


Our Vendors

Hake’s Home Furnishings carries some of the leading names in furniture, like Serta and Ultra Comfort, as well as dozens of other high-quality furniture makers (all of which we have certified as masters of their craft). Additionally, our location in the York, PA, area gives us access to the work of Amish craftspeople from the area, giving you a much wider selection of handmade wooden furniture in our store. Our selection plus our customer service is what we think makes us a unique choice in furniture.

Visit Us Today and Learn More About Our Great Selection!