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Best Selection of Upholstery in York, PA

Buying furniture is one thing; making it yours is another. At Hake’s Home Furnishings, we give you all the tools you need to truly make your home yours in terms of furniture selection and style, and the same goes for our upholstery selection. Choose any style of furniture plus your selected upholstery pattern and we’ll do our best to meld the two into your dream furniture piece — or a whole set.

Great Upholstery Options

Not only do we offer the best selection of furniture for every room in your home, we have an unmatched selection of upholstery styles and patterns. Your couches and chairs are available in a wide variety of different fabrics, and the craftsmen who we work with are the absolute, most detailed around, right down to the smallest stitch, spring, and padding in the seat of your chair or couch (or both).

Unmatched Customer Service

One of the reasons customers in the York, PA, area keep coming back to Hake’s Home Furnishings is because our staff is second to none in terms of providing excellent guidance throughout your furniture-buying experience. Often, it’s overly difficult to buy furniture. Stores can be very large, making it hard to find all the options in your price range, but with us, it’s easy. That’s because our staff is highly trained to guide you smoothly through the process of choosing new furniture, and if you’d like, helping you decide on the upholstery options that fit your style and budget.

Visit Us Today and Learn More About Our Great Selection!